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Theme support on RAN!

RAN! is using theme system of wondrous Styled Components library for styling app (css-in-js). Click here for details

There is basic theme component (/libraries/theme.js) on RAN!. You can access all theme props by using props.theme on your styling. Also there is helper for color manupulation as you can access that by using props.theme.helper. On this prop, RAN! is using color.js that has support for most important color manipulation functions.

For now, there are three themes (main, inverted, eightbit) but You can add how many you want!

Using theme

Basically, RAN! is using main theme on all pages. But to change this. You need to add theme prop to <App> component on every page.


<App theme="anothertheme">
  <p>Hello World</p>

To change the theme on all pages, You can set theme name on /components/App.js:10.line.

Create New Theme

There are two options for this. Firstly, You can create new theme object on /libraries/theme.js.

themeList.NEWTHEMENAME = {
  font: {
    sizes: {
      normal: '14px',
      big: '15px'
  colors: {
    main: '#22BAD9',
    success: '#5cb85c',
    warn: '#ffc067'

or you can extend any theme that you have on /libraries/theme.js.

themeList.NEWTHEMENAME = themeList.extend('main', {
  colors: {
    main: '#40337f',
    success: '#1bcb01',
    error: '#722640',
    background: '#000000',
    text: '#ffffff'
  font: {
    family: {
      normal: 'Consolas, monaco, monospace'

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